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Bettacare has a collection of extra tall pet gates which are taller than standard dog gates making them one of the best gates for big dogs no matter how larger breed they are.

Extra tall guards are suitable for use almost anywhere in the home and are ideal for pet owners who want to keep their dogs from climbing or jumping over gates. They are especially suited for use at the top of the stairs where falling is a hazard.

Bettacare has both pressure fitting and screw fit pet gates available so you can install your extra tall dog gate almost anywhere in your home. We also have a range of extra tall dog gate extensions allowing you to fit your gate into wider doorframes or more unusual openings.

All our tall dog gates are made from durable and strong metal to help you create an effective barrier in your home and give you peace of that your puppy has the freedom to explore whilst staying safe.

All Bettacare pet gates comply with current regulations, if you need any help and advice on selecting the best puppy gate for you or information on installation, then please contact us.

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