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Give your dog more freedom whilst keeping them safe with a pet pen from Bettacare. Dog pens, puppy pens and pet pens allow you to restrict certain areas of the home and garden by keeping your pet contained in their pen with enough room to play without being a nuisance or entering areas of the home which are off-limits to animals.

Puppy pens are a great way to train your puppy whilst giving them the space they need to play and explore. Our range of durable pet pens keep dogs and puppies safely out of the way whilst giving them plenty of space to play.

By using a dog playpen, you can manage areas in the home your pet is allowed to be. Dogs and especially puppies are very inquisitive and can get into almost anything. By using an indoor dog pen, you can protect your furniture and soft furnishings from puppies who are teething. It is also a great way to house train your puppy. If they are restricted to their dog pen, then you are less likely to find little surprises elsewhere in the home!

Pet and dog pens from Bettacare are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use so you can not only protect your soft furnishings but your flower beds will remain intact too!
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