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Bettacare retractable pet gates are made from heavy duty mesh or foldable plastic. Mesh pet rolling gates and retractable pet gates are good for wide openings and can be installed either in doorframes or for staircases.

Retractable dog gates or mesh safety dog rolling gates are ideal for home or areas with restricted space by automatically and quality retracting back into their roll. When not in use, they can be retracted back into their case saving on space with a similar mechanism to roller blinds

Retractable puppy gates are perfect for areas in the home which have a high amount of traffic. If your dog is not going to need the pet gate, simply retract it to create an open doorway.

Retractable puppy gates come with several benefits, one of which is the ability to operate it with one hand, leaving you with one arm free to carry your puppy or anything else you might need. Another benefit, due to its retractable nature is that if you need to pass through, unlike other stair gates that need to be opened fully, or climbed over, the retractable safety gate can be partially opened, then closed again straight away.

Retractable gates are screw fitted pet gates which means they must be screwed into a wall in order to be effective. If you live in a rented property, always check with your landlord before drilling into walls. Pressure fit dog gates are available if you are not able to install a screw fitted puppy gate.

All Bettacare pet gates comply with current regulations, if you need any help and advice on selecting the best puppy gate for you or information on installation, then please contact us.

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