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Bettacare Single Panel Metal Dog Gate 72cm - 78.5cm

72.00cm - 78.50cm
The Bettacare Single Panel Metal Gate is a screw fitting gate that has quick release fittings to easily install and remove the gate when necessary. Ideal to provide either temporary or permanent solution for controlling your pet. This single gate panel opens as a whole, in either direction and operated with one hand. This gate is the simple solution to keeping your pups contained to certain areas of your home.
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72.00cm - 78.50cm

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72.00cm - 78.50cm
The Bettacare Single Panel gate is the simple solution for pet owners who need to restrict access to certain areas of their home. The gate fits spaces between 72cm and 78.5cm and comes complete with a basic installation template. As the gate is screw fitted into the wall or doorframe the whole of the gate will swing open making a wide walk though area without any trip bar at the base. With a two-way gate opening and one-handed opening, this gate make it easier than ever to keep your pets in line and safely contained in one area of your home. This gate also has a double locking mechanism so contains even the more energetic of dogs. Unlike most other pet gates, The Bettacare Single Panel Metal Gate has undergone the most rigorous durability and impact testing to ensure it will withstand the attention of the most spirited of pets. The gate has passed the EN1930:2011 Safety Standard, ensuring it is suitable for families with small children as well as pets.
More Information
Color White
Fitting Type Screw
Gate Material Metal
Max Width With Extensions 78.5cm
One Handed Operation Yes
Width Of Walkthrough Full width of space
Height When Installed 78cm
Depth Of Frame 2cm
Width Between Bars 5cm
Auto Close No
Two Way Opening Yes
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