Pet gates and pet pens are one of the best solutions for training your pets and for keeping your pets safe inside and outside of the home. Pet barriers can prevent dogs from entering rooms or areas of the home you would prefer to keep pet free, from the kitchen, to the bathroom or your child’s bedroom. They enable you to divide a large space into areas where your dog can play, sleep and eat whilst restricting access to other areas of a room as desired.

Puppy gates and Dog pens are also a great way of training your pet, they enable you to teach your pet boundaries, alone time without you present, and they help teach them that some areas of the home are simply off limits.

If you are looking to buy a puppy gate for your pet, here are a few things you might want to consider before buying:


Puppy gates come in a wide range of widths and heights to suit various doorways, hallways and room sizes. It’s good to think about why you want a puppy barrier and what purpose you need it for before choosing the type of pet guard and the height most suitable for you.

Do you need a pet gate for a doorway?

Do you need a room divide for a pet?

Do you just want a temporary pet gate that can be easily tucked away when not in use?

Or you may be looking for a multi-functional, two in one puppy guard and puppy pen.

Think about what is the best option for you and then carefully measure your space, wall to wall and floor to floor, taking into account any height restrictions of bannisters, units or work tops that may limit the height you can choose.

Extra tall puppy gates

Extra tall pet gates are ideal for pet owners who have a larger dog. They are generally around 30cm taller than standard height puppy barriers. Tall pet gates come in a choice of pressure fitted or screw fitted and all of the Bettacare pet gates have various size extensions available to enable you to install a puppy barrier in larger spaces.

Puppy gates for narrow doorways

For narrow doorways take a look at the narrow puppy gates, these are ideal for smaller doorways and can be pressure mounted or screw mounted.

Standard height puppy gates

Most pet gates are a standard size and can fall within the region of 72cm - 77cm approximately, with the exception of the the foldaway pet gate and the advanced retractable pet gate which are a mid range height of 90cm and 94cm. Standard height pet gates can be either pressure fitted or screw fitted.


Puppy gate with cat flap Particularly popular with families who have both cats and dogs is the extra tall pet gate with a cat flap. The cat flap pet gate is part of the extra tall range of pet gates that allows cats the freedom to roam whilst preventing your dog from following. The cat flap is lockable and can be locked from either side, a very versatile pet gate for homes to both cats and dogs.

A pet gate that folds away

A new design and a unique size puppy gate to the market is the ‘Bettacare Foldaway Pet Gate’. Over the years, we’ve listened to our customers and the ‘foldaway pet gate’ is the result of what many pet owners are looking for in a pet gate.

1. A pet gate that is taller than a standard height pet gate but smaller than an extra tall pet gate. Welcome this 94cm high puppy gate.

2. A pet gate that opens from both sides. This puppy gate can be opened from either side by simply lifting the gate out of the cradle. It’s versatile and minimal in design. Made up of two simple panels that are hinged at the centre.

3. A pet gate that folds away. Genius! This pet gate can be folded away, against the wall at either side when it is not needed. Neatly tucked away.

4. A pet gate that is easy to use. This pet gate couldn’t be more straightforward and easy to operate. Uniquely designed on wheels, it simply slides and glides.

5. A pet gate that is easy to remove. This puppy gate clicks in place at 4 hinged points, with each point as simple to click into place as it is to remove. To remove the panels to store simply lift each panel out of the 4 hinged points and either leave the brackets in place for future use or remove them until needed. Couldn’t be simpler.



There are many different types of pet gates, pet barriers, pet car barriers and pet pens to choose from that will keep your puppy out of mischief, help you with the training process and keep them safe and secure in their home environment.

So what different types of puppy gates? what are the benefits? and which is the best puppy gate for you?

Pressure fitted puppy gates

Puppy gates that are pressure fitted are still one of the most popular pet gates on the market. Pet guards that you don’t have to screw into place are popular with pet owners that don’t want to damage bannisters, door frames or walls from drilling and screw fitting gates in place. Pressure fit puppy gates leave no lasting damage to the home. Look out for the features of a pet gate as some pet gates may have more benefits than others. One of the best pressure fitted puppy gates is the Bettacare auto close gate. The auto close feature ensures the gate swings closed behind you without the need for physically closing it.

Benefits of a pressure fitted pet gate:

1. Leaves no lasting damage to the home

2. Can be easily removed by loosening the 4 spindles

3. Easy to install

4. Most pressure fitted pet gates have compatible pet gate extensions in various sizes that can be added to achieve a desired size.

5. Can be used on more than one doorway of the same size

Screw fitted puppy gates

Screw fitted pet gates are great pet barriers for larger, stronger dogs. Screw fitted pet guards are installed at 4 hinged points that require screw fitting into place. This type of pet gate provides the strongest, most permanent solution to keeping your pet safe. Unlike pressure fitted pet gates, some screw fitted pet gates can be installed at an angle and other screw fitted pet gates have multi purpose.

Benefits of a screw fitted pet gate:

1. Some screw fit pet gates can be installed diagonally. The Bettacare Diagonal Fit Pet Gate can be installed at an angle enabling you to install a gate in a more awkward space.

2. They are the safer option for the top of the stairs.

3. Some screw fit gates are multi functional and can be used as a pet gate, pet room divider (with additional gate panels) or a fire guard (click ‘room divider’ to see these options).

4. They provide a strong, secure boundary.

5. Some screw fitted gates fold neatly flat to the wall when out of use, and can be opened at either side. See our ‘Bettacare Foldaway Pet Gate’.

Retractable puppy gates

Retractable puppy gates are designed to fold away or roll away when not in use and they are generally always screw fitted. Unlike more traditional pet gates which provide a more permanent pet barrier, a retractable pet gate is more discreetly hidden when not in use. The advanced retractable pet gate is made from a strong mesh, which when opened will retract back into the cylindrical side panel. This type of pet guard provides more of a screen for pets as apose to a solid, strong barrier.

A most popular retractable puppy gate is the expandable pet barrier. This is by far a best budget pet gate, made of natural wood, it extends outwards when required and retracts back when not needed.

The Bettacare Foldaway pet gate is another great retractable pet gate option. Designed on wheels to slide and glide with ease, complete with a central hinged point to enable the two panels to fold back neatly against the wall when not in use.

Multi purpose room dividers for puppies

Puppy room barrier The Bettacare multi purpose pet room dividers (in wood or metal) enable you to divide a larger space to create a zone for your pet and a pet free zone. Any room divider that has ‘multi panel’ in the description, can generally be used for other purposes, such as a doorway gate (with panels removed), a dog pen or even a fire guard if required during the winter months. Multi panel room dividers are made up of individual panels that connect together and can be angled up to a maximum of 90 degrees. Individual gate panels can be bought at various sizes and connected to achieve your required size, held in place at each side of the room with a wall mounting kit.

How do I turn my puppy room divider into a Puppy pen?

To turn a puppy room divide into a puppy pen, you simply remove the wall mounting kit and angle each panel in a circle formation until all the panels are connected. You may need to buy extra panels to achieve the desired puppy pen size OR you may wish to remove panels. The Bettacare multi panel room dividers are so versatile and can be used for infants aswell as pets.

For any further advice on which is the best puppy gate for your space, don’t hesitate to contact the Bettacare Pet Gate team who would be more than happy to help you in your search for the best pet gate for you. You can contact the Bettacare team

on 01438 728888.